Crystals and gems used for samba costume making by Miss Glamurosa Costumes


Miss Glamurosa Costumes was founded June 2016 in Willemstad, Curaçao. The number one priority is to create handmade samba costumes with love and respect for all samba dancers, showgirls and performers around the world, The Glamurosa costumes are all about glamour, luxury and charm. They are made with crystals and combined with acrylic stones and resin gems in the most exquisite colors. We believe in the time and dedication that is needed to make our creations. Wear a Glamurosa costume and Shine with Excellence.

“Samba costume making has become my passion thanks to the world of samba. While performing daily in Brazilian Shows during the early 2000’s in The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Canary Islands and Cyprus, I gained experience in the art of costume making and I kept my focus on the glamour, trends and techniques. Miss Glamurosa Costumes was created to share the art of samba through my creations with artists around the world.”
Coretta Scherptong: Designer & Owner of Miss Glamurosa Costumes.
| @corettascherptong