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Imagine the feeling of performing in a costume that you don’t like. Sometimes dancers are presented with a plain and basic costume that clearly is not suitable for the event. The question is: how to make sure the audience won’t focus on this costume for too long?

This question may have crossed your mind probably on more than one occasion, especially when you don’t get to wear your own costume. Performers create their own formula to solve this problem.

In my days, I focused on three aspects. The first aspect is to wear any costume as if it’s worth a million dollars, because costumes should be worn with pride and treated with respect, despite how they look. They are part of an illusion, what we call the show, created to entertain the audience, who, by the way, should never catch a glimpse of doubt or dissatisfaction.

The second aspect would be to focus on the agreement with the ones responsible, because there is no need for an over the top performance if it’s not required.

But sometimes, even this agreement won’t stop you from delivering more than you should, and you definitely want to impress with your skills. Bringing your best assets to the table might do the trick. The whole presentation is a harmonious mix of visual and sound and visual being the third aspect.

“Wear any costume as if it’s worth a million dollars.”

So, a dancer must wear this costume with confidence and style and display his/her best assets, whether it’s height, hands- and arm movements, elegance or the signature move. Talented performers may have several assets to help build the audience’s attention and keeps them in tension with intensity. At this point, the audience is probably not focusing on the costume any longer.

If you found yourself in a similar situation and are uncertain on how to handle it, you can focus on these 3 aspects to conquer your audience.


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